The god's endless bickering have caused our home to be engulfed by flames and chaos, but instead of descending from the heavens, they choose to turn a blind eye and follow their heavenly principals.
You are our last hope little nymph, protect all of us and make them pay for their sins.


WASD/Arrow Keys for Movement
E to release the ball
ESC to pause the game








This game is currently unavailable


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OMG SO GOOOOOOOOD, I loved this game, really, the art, the music, the sistem S2

the only thing that needs attenttion are the transition of levels and the death sistem, but besides that, you nailed it guys, hope you win this thing :3

Hey, I'm Juan the game composer. Thank you for your nice comment!


Really goood! The art is great and i love the way you made the projectile multipurpose. Only complaint i would have is that the swinging it a bit unpredictable. Might be better if it was less physics based and more consistent. I'm sure you already know that tho. Overall super great and fits the theme superbly!!!!